Build the transport, communications and energy facilities we need by backing the plan of the independent Infrastructure Australia

We all rely on high-quality infrastructure every day. From the road and rail links that criss-cross the country to the fast broadband in our offices, the energy that powers our factories and the ports that connect us to global markets, infrastructure helps to grow the economy.

But without proper investment in that infrastructure, our quality of life is at risk. As our population approaches an estimated 30 million people by 2031, we are at risk of having our cities overwhelmed with congestion.

Often the decisions about what infrastructure gets built and how it is funded are determined in an adhoc and partisan manner. This leads to public money being inappropriately spent on some projects while more productive projects remain unbuilt.

There is a solution. The independent body, Infrastructure Australia, has produced a plan for improving infrastructure planning and governance, including a list of infrastructure priorities that draws on rigorous evidence about how best to improve productivity and living standards. Projects on the list offer the greatest social and economic benefits for the least costs, and are shielded from political concerns.

The Infrastructure Australia plan should be enacted by the government to ensure Australia’s future needs are met by closing the infrastructure gap.

The cost of congestion for Australian capital cities
ballooned by 30% between 2010-15
to $16.5 billion,
$8 billion of which is lost business time costs.
Source: 2015 BITRE Traffic and Congestion cost trends for Australian Capital Cities
“There are numerous examples of
poor value for money
arising from inadequate project selection, potentially
costing Australia billions of dollars”
Source: Productivity Commission inquiry into public infrastructure, 2014

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